JEREMY BRADLEY - Executive Director

 Jeremy is a cross-functional leader who has experience looking after innovation, product, and design teams across three continents. From his initial work experience in a hedge fund providing scholarship and resource capacity, to his later work as the Creative and Development Director for a multi-state educational and social services organisation, Jeremy brings a unique flavour to the management of The Roof Works’ operations and strategy. He has the same haircut as Moby but prefers R&B to EDM.

FABIO OLIVEIRA - Audio/Visual Production Manager

With over 10 years of experience in video production around Europe and the Atlantic, Fabio specialises in camera work and post-production editing in his role as Production Manager here at The Roof Works. With a keen eye for creativity and detail, he is always ready to tackle the latest project.  A workaholic from a very young age, he spends his little free time feasting in Portuguese restaurants.


Graduating in animation and music technology, Jonathan has worked on numerous projects with start up companies. His depth of knowledge in creating and producing engaging promotional material is complimented by his obsession with fine tuning his edits. He is technically minded and is a dab hand using Adobe Premiere Pro. A total sucker for technology, you may find him browsing Engadget or window shopping on Amazon.


Justin is a passionate editor and videographer. Armed with a degree in Film & TV, he has worked across Europe, the Caribbean, and South & North America.  Having worked on the Olympic and Paralympic Olympic Games and with a variety of production companies including Optomen Television and Great Big Events, he brings a wealth of experience to The Roof Works. He is adamant he is the best in the company at FIFA, but this remains uncontested.

NATASHA GOODING - Associate Producer

Natasha joined the team as an intern and with the use of her charm, sense of humour and enthusiastic demeanour has helped her attain the role of Associate Producer. She is an organised and passionately driven young individual specialising in visual arts: camera, producing and editing. In her spare time Natasha can be found knitting, painting, candle making and watching Leeds United. Some say her laugh can be heard from miles around.


After working within the Venezuelan film industry and gaining extensive knowledge in using a wide range of camera equipment, Marian decided to further her career and learn English by making a move to London. She is a passionate person who never gives up, always looking for more and ready to immerse herself into the next creative project with The Roof Works. You can find her practicing Yoga or planning her next trip out in London.

matt (1 of 1).jpg

MATT GARNETT - Head of Copy

Matt has spent the last 12 years working as a freelance writer and editor in places as far afield as London, Helsinki, Barcelona, and Prague. He brings his unique hawk-eye approach to the Roof Works team, never letting a missing oxford comma or semi colon escape his ever-watchful gaze. Matt often gets mistaken for the actor Kenneth Branagh, and he has learned Macbeth’s ‘To be or not to be,’ speech by heart so that he doesn’t disappoint.

DAVID WHAYMAN - Production Intern

David is a hardworking editor and videographer, with a passion for filmmaking. Possessing skills in numerous editing packages and experience in operating a wide range of cameras, he also has a degree in Television and Film Production that enforces his knowledge of all stages of production. An avid footballer and fan of Chelsea FC, he claims that he could nutmeg a mermaid.

Joannie (1 of 3)2.jpg

JOANNIE SCARSBROOK - Head of Reception

The optimistic Joannie graduated in Media and Communications last year, her degree consisted of filming, interviewing, making documentaries, editing on Final Cut pro & designing print ads on Adobe Photoshop. She previously worked as PR & Editorial intern for a music site called wepluggoodmusic. She currently heads up reception for The Roof Works. If you ever see her randomly smiling at the comp screen, she is probably ordering off Boohoo.